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1st International Virtual Congress on Conservative Treatment of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction #PelvicFloorCongress (July 2nd- 3rd)

02-07-2021 - ORGANIZADO POR: Universidad de Cádiz

The pelvic floor is comprised of a diverse and interconnected network of connective tissues and muscles that function together to overcome gravity forces, inertial forces, and intra-abdominal stresses while still supporting the pelvic organs. The mechanical description of the vagina, intestine, urethra, rectum, cervix, uterus, connective tissues, and musculature of the pelvic floor has matured throughout the last decade.

Nonetheless, pelvic floor dysfunctions are incredibly common. One in three pregnant females will suffer from urinary incontinence, one in two will experience pelvic organ prolapse, and one in ten will develop faecal incontinence. The manifestation of these disorders is often linked to a decline in women's psychological, social, and sexual well-being.

In that way, the conservative treatment of pelvic floor dysfunctions is the first-line treatment for many of these disorders. It comprises several techniques, such as manual therapy, biofeedback or electrical stimulation, behavioural education, and exercise programs (guided by physiotherapists and self-managed at home). Furthermore, most of these interventions have solid evidence-based support, constituting a minimally invasive option to treat pelvic floor dysfunctions. 

The 1st International Virtual Congress on Conservative Treatment of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction has been organized aiming to bring together top experts in this field from around the world. This meeting will provide different points of view over the conservative treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, resulting in interesting debates between speakers and participants.


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1st International Virtual Congress on Conservative

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